Founded by drummer Billy Kilson, this is a new group bringing some new and old ideas together with a fun and intense sound. Featuring George Colligan on keyboards and laptop,Kenny Davis on Bass and Mike Sim on sax and effects, the band has roots in old school funk and jazz as well as modern electronica and metal influences.Coming soon to your town! See the band website at http://www.billykilson.com/bkgroove.html

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A new collective jazz group featuring musicians who conspired while part of the Mingus Big Band. Without any chordal instrument, the band is free to explore many harmonic avenues on a whim and often do. Compositions from all members keep it diverse and exciting.Boris Kozlov plays acoustic and electric basses, Johnathon Blake the drums, Alex Sipiagin the trumpet, and Mike Sim the sax.

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Mike Sim trio

You start with Gene Jackson on drums, Boris Kozlov on electric bass, effects and laptop, and Mike Sim on sax and effects and... a clean slate -because anything goes in this band. Mostly free improvisation with the almost all too common themes of substances and world strife.

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