Selected Discography:

Billy Kilson - While Ur Sleepin mp3 click!

B.K. GROOVE-Pots & Pans

Barbara Dennerlein - Take Off (Verve 7664)

Eugen Apostolidis Quartet - Imaginary Directions

Werke Meiner - Steine

Jan Jarczyk - Things To Look For

Koichi Tanaka - Invisible Presence

Baba Tumbia - Tuka Tuka

The Hard Corp (recorded as a leader) - The Hard Corp.

Satoko Fujii - Jo

Mingus Big Band - Live In Time

Illuminati - Blues for Allah Project


as an engineer/mixer

Ada Rovatti and Elephunk - For Rent

B.K. GROOVE - Pots & Pans

Monday Michiru - Routes